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Tips For Landscaping Your Yard

It’s no secret that life around the world changed in the blink of an eye over the past couple years. School’s shut down, employees working from home, and no indoor dining. It really made most of us appreciate our homes and family life more. Loving, comfortable, and catered to your style and needs.

In Jersey, just a short train ride away from Brooklyn, the weather up until now has been oddly warm for a few months now. With everything shutting down again, I have been spending a lot of time in my Aunt and Uncle's yard . I am so grateful and feel so blessed that there is a safe outdoor area for me to be around and get some fresh air. My Aunt and Uncle have been working hard on renovating their house, and now I have decided to help them on their yard for us to enjoy all summer long!

We wanted to go with a professional company because let’s face it - we hate bugs and their simply isn't enough time with everyone's work schedules. That’s when I found Onorato Landscaping LLC. They offer landscaping and hardscaping for both residential and commercial landscaping in Bergen County. With over 10 years of experience I know I can trust their information and direction. The best thing I read about Marc is that he is skilled in developing projects to be implemented in multi-season phases to accommodate everyone’s budget.

I decided to get some research done and figure out what exactly my family wanted because the options are endless but it gets VERY expensive VERY quickly. Did you know that you can add as much as 15% of your home’s value with just landscaping?! I sure didn’t, but when I have an outdoor space that I own one day, I will be prepared.

Here are a few things I learned that stuck out to me:

  1. As much as you are worried about what your landscaping looks like from the street view, you should pay attention to how it looks like from the inside of your house.

  2. Check out the perennials that will work in your area and climate. Perennials are flowers or plants that will grow again year after year without you having to replant them.

  3. Buy RUBBER mulch. It lasts years, you don't have to replace it every year like regular mulch (waste of money) and it is a great way to recycle.

  4. Add LED lighting elements wherever you’d like some spotlight. In the last 10 years lighting has become very affordable thanks to LED technology, some even come solar powered.

  5. Lastly, I knew I wanted to find flowers and plants that deer won’t eat. My family's home is in Morris County and the deer is out of control! I found that Ferns and Wildflower are just a few of the most common ones that will keep deer and other animals from snacking. It would be a shame to pay so much money to have them eaten overnight, don’t you think?!

I can not wait to see our vision come to life while putting to use this information we have gathered. If you are doing home renovation projects and revamping, make sure you enjoy your outdoor view as well! It’s just as much a part of your home as the inside.



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