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Upcycling with Bearaby

Bearaby is an award-winning weighted blanket company on a mission to create blankets that are plastic and synthetic free. They believe that by making products that are good for you and for the planet, we will all sleep better at night. Bearaby also owns their supply chain, ensuring that the packaging and processing is completely plastic-free. I have a Bearably Napper at home, and it is one of the best blankets I’ve ever owned! The weight helps to calm my nerves, and knowing that I am supporting a sustainable company is always a great feeling. Their 100 % organic cotton uses 90 % less water than most farming methods, and the natural cotton can be composted. All Bearaby products are entirely compostable and biodegradable.

This Summer, I was lucky enough to be invited to Bearaby’s upclycling workshop in partnership with Carly Dean (@bag.euettes). At the workshop, we turned the Bearably Napper bags into everyday items such as baguette bags, yoga mat bags, and tote bags! If you don’t know already, upcycling is transforming something that is no longer in use and repurposing it into a new material or product.

I had such a wonderful time at the workshop. Carly and her team effortlessly broke down the process step by step. First, I cut and measured the fabric that was once the Napper bag. Then, I pinned the straps and sewed them to the bag. Finally, I sewed the rest of the pieces together and had a brand new tote bag! To watch a video of the whole process, click HERE.

Although I had fun sewing the bag, it was very time consuming and tiring. It made me think about how much work goes into making a bag, clothes, sheets, etc. Someone took the time to make these items, so we should be grateful for having them and not be wasteful!

I use my Bearaby tote bag all the time and wear it with pride! Knowing that I reused something that would normally be sitting in a closet or possibly get thrown out makes the bag more special. If you have anything that can be upcycled, I encourage you to get friends together and have a DIY day! Even small changes can make a difference to help our planet.

To learn more about Bearaby, visit or @mybearaby on Instagram. Photos taken by Dallas Riley Photography (@thedallasriley).



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