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Favorite Restaurants In London

One of the best parts about traveling is trying out all the delicious food! While England may not be famous for its cuisine, I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing restaurants I discovered during my nine-day trip to London last month. Though I couldn’t visit all of them, here are my top favorite restaurants during my stay in London.


My absolute favorite restaurant in London was a cozy Italian spot called Manteca located in Shoreditch. While they are renowned for their mouth-watering pasta, their menu offers so much more. Every dish we tried was simply amazing. It's best to order a variety of items since they encourage sharing. The dish that stood out to me the most was a singular scallop served in its shell. It was undeniably the best scallop I've ever tasted, and the memory of its amazing flavor will stay with me forever.


Calling all Indian food lovers: you need to try Dishoom! With six locations in London, it's the perfect spot for a date night or a fun-filled gathering with friends. Just be ready for a bit of a wait in line because this place is extremely popular. Fortunately, once you’ve made it inside, the waiting time becomes an opportunity to indulge in refreshing cocktails and appetizers at the bar. This restaurant also has a nice list of non-alcoholic drinks too. The CBD Bhang Lassi was super unique and delicious!


Brother Marcus is an Eastern Mediterranean-inspired brunch spot with multiple locations in London. I visited the one in Spitalfields Market and loved sitting outside, taking in the lively atmosphere with various vendors and activities. Their twist on an English Breakfast was delightful and energized us for a big day of shopping ahead.


Negroni's is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Soho. It's centrally located near the West End, making it the perfect place for dinner and a show. Negroni's smaller-sized plates are meant for sharing. We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food and drinks which were reasonably priced for its downtown location. The King Crab Spaghetti stood out as my favorite dish here!



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