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Q & A With @dudettewithsign

Actress, model, and influencer, Nisarah Lewis, has joined the @fuckjerry brand as the face of the Instagram account, @dudettewithsign. Nisarah and I met studying abroad in London for acting, and she has been an huge inspiration for me ever since. I was lucky enough to ask Nisarah a few questions about all her new success.

1. For those who don't know what @dudettewithsign is, can you please explain the account to us?

Dudette is essentially a spin-off of the existing IG account Dude With Sign, started by FuckJerry and Seth a couple years ago. Both accounts are humorous social commentaries written on cardboard. The concept is simple, yet effective.

2. Fuck Jerry is a male heavy brand. How does it feel to be bringing some female energy?

It’s definitely rewarding to bring that voice forward because I already had a lot of these thoughts and opinions, which I’ve shared in my own work and social media; yeah, my friends agreed and supported. But now, sharing it on this platform and seeing how so many people who I don’t even know can also relate and especially the responses from women, it’s nice to speak up on these insights that I don’t think we see often. In addition to the great guys I work with I also get to work with some awesome ladies Maya and Jordyn so they’re great to collaborate with too. Sometimes ideas come about bras or periods and obviously the fellas don’t know anything about that.

3. I saw on social media that people were you and Seth (@dudewithsign) for Halloween. What was it like having people dress up as you and having that recognition?

It’s so bizarre because honestly, I’m still at a point where people often will only recognize me if I am doing official Dudette business around the city. Seth is way more recognizable at this point. I LOVED it though, and I was definitely surprised. A couple walked past me on Halloween and they were dressed as Dude/Dudette and I don’t think they even made the connection that I was there. It’s pretty funny. I like to think it’s because I switch up my hair a lot so I keep ‘em guessing.

4. What has been your favorite partnership/brand that you have collaborated with? Any fun stories that have happened so far?

Honestly, they’re all amazing and I’m not saying that to be “neutral party”. I’m just so excited and feel blessed with all the opportunities. I was invited to a Jets game and that was pretty awesome because me and the FJ gals made it a bonding thing, and we were in the VIP lounge! That was a first for me, and hopefully not the last.

5. You do a lot of improv and post a lot of sketches online (which I am a huge fan of)! . Do you think your passion for improv helped land you @dudettewithsign?

Thank you much! I started with improv and centered my focus more on sketch which I think was great because it helped me become a better comedy writer, and it also led me into creating more comedic content for social media which is what FJ is all about, so it’s hand and hand.

6. Not only are you an influencer, but you are also an actress and model. Do you have any fun projects coming up or have you done anything recently?

I am still maintaining my very unpredictable life as an actor and model so many things just pop up as they come. Whether it’s commercial, tv, etc... I most recently was in a sketch comedy show and that was a laugh and half to work on. Plus, I became a first time producer this year with my good friend creating a pilot show about women working in a male-dominated industry. It’s very smart, and quick humor.

Thank you so much, Nisarah!

Please check out @dudettewithsign, as well as Nisarah's acting website.



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