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Living Pain Free With Ananda Hemp

I experienced chronic pain for three years. It just started happening one day and I still don’t know why. Every time I ate something my stomach would harden, bloat, and hurt so bad I would have to lie down. When I finally woke up 12 hours later, I would become so disoriented I could hardly remember where I left my phone or keys and still felt exhausted. I would also get recurring infections every month or so. Back on antibiotics. Another trip to the doctor. Some days I felt normal. Some days I would wake up in pain and cry. It was a gamble on what day tomorrow would be.

For years, I did everything possible to manage my symptoms. I became gluten, dairy, grain, and corn free. That was really hard, especially when I went out to dinner with friends and family. I even had a boyfriend say that he was tired of dealing with my dietary issues when he dumped me! Ew.

After much research, I found a Gastroenterologist. He suggested I get an endoscopy, ultrasound, multiple tests, etc… He found nothing. I was diagnosed with IBS (a broad and bull shit term for your stomach is fucked up and we don’t know why).

I also saw a nutritionist who helped me with my dietary changes and hired a personal trainer who got me in the best shape of my life. I was determined to beat my chronic pain and embrace this new found healthy lifestyle.

Although these changes helped, I was far from better. There would be days where I would wake up in so much pain I was unable to walk or even get out of bed.

It wasn’t until one day that my mom and her boyfriend suggested I try CBD. More specifically they told me to look into the brand Ananda Hemp. At first I just thought CBD was a bunch of THC. I didn’t want to be high all the time. So I did some research.

I learned that CBD is a chemical compound from the Cannabid sativa plant (hemp), and that it is in fact not psychoactive. I also learned that CBD is an anti-inflammatory used for pain management, including GI issues.

I bought the Ananda Hemp CBD Full Spectrum Softgels, and took 2 pills a day for 3 months. I started to feel a bit better. After 6 months my chronic pain was 90 percent better. One year later I began introducing gluten and dairy back into my diet. After years of chronic pain I finally found something that worked.

Not only was I pain free, but I also slept better and was less stressed in general. When I take the Softgels an hour before bed, I become tired and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

I am not telling you that you should go buy CBD right now. You should always see your doctor first if there is an issue with your health. But I am telling you what I do know, and I know that CBD saved my life. If you are in any type of chronic pain or stress, do your research and consider taking CBD, especially Ananda Hemp. All of their products are 100% free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, microbials, and residual solvents. They are also certified glyphosate free, Non-GMO, and employ conscious growing techniques throughout their farms. Thank you, Ananda Hemp, for giving me my life back.

In some weird way I am happy that this happened to me. Living with chronic pain and IBS forced me to live a healthier and happier lifestyle, and now I feel like it is my job to share my experience and help others.

I have never shared my chronic pain story publicly before. To those of you who just read this, thank you.

To learn more about Ananda Hemp, click the link to their website HERE.



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