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Let's Get Thrifty! Finding Clothes For Your Auditions

Urban Jungle in Brooklyn.

Since most auditions are virtual right now, it is good to leave a lasting on-camera impression. This includes your wardrobe. If the show or movie is a period piece, or the script calls for a special type of clothing, you might want to go the extra mile and find some appropriate clothes or props.

My #1 Rule? Do not go out and buy brand new clothes for auditions! We are already spending so much on head shots, casting subscriptions, demo reels...etc. Do you really want to go spend $50 on a new shirt for a role you might not even book?

Here are my three steps for being thrifty!

1.) Raid Your Closet

Always go through your own wardrobe first. If you dig into your closet, you might find an old gem. Sometimes it helps to Skype with a friend while you do this. My friends help me with this process all the time.

2.) Ask A Friend

I have borrowed my roomates and friends clothes on more than one occasion! If you live with someone else, or have friends who live nearby; ask to borrow their clothes. Sometimes, I even just take my boyfriends...

3.) Go To The Thrift Store

If you have tried the steps above and still have found no luck, go thrifting! You will 99% of the time find what you are looking for. Here are a few examples of my thrifting adventures.

I recently had an audition for a tv show set in the 70's. As someone who doesn't normally get period piece auditions, I had a little trouble with this. I decided to go thrifting at L Train Vintage in Brooklyn. At L Train, I found a vintage Ralph Lauren shirt for $10. The shirt along with my hair and makeup (and my acting) gave the audition a wonderful and appropriate period piece feel.

Was my audition successful? I think so. Will I use the shirt again? Yes. Did I spend a lot of money? No!

I also had an audition for a big commercial. The stage directions specifically said that the actor begins to slip into something a little more "90's grunge". I could have just worn my pink shirt and hat, but it was a commercial for a large company and I wanted to stand out.

I went thrifting at Urban Jungle in Brooklyn and found a red and pink flannel for $6. Was my audition successful? I think so. Will I use the flannel again? I won't wear it every day, but I can think of few times of when I might need to bust out a flannel. Did I spend a lot of money? No!

I'm not saying you should go get new clothes every time you have an audition. If you are on a tight budget or don't have any time to go to the store, don't sweat it! Your acting is what matters the most. But if you do get some large tv, film, or commercial auditions (and I hope you do), this will help you stand out....and it only cost me $16!



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