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House Hunting Wishlist

Please note that this post is sponsored by Brazilian Wood Depot, but all opinions are my own.

Quarantine has made residents of big cities realize that when they are forced to spend more time at home, space is a desired luxury. I might live in a great Brooklyn apartment, but a girl can dream about owning a house one day with more space! These are the top three things I do not have in my apartment now that I absolutely need if I ever owned a home.

1. His and Her Sink

The apartment I am living in now is spacious....but the bathroom is not. I am petite (4’11” to be exact), and every time I step into the bathroom I feel claustrophobic. My boyfriend and I are not able to be in the bathroom at the same time which is quite frustrating. We joke that he takes longer showers than me, so if I have somewhere to be it’s best that I take a shower and use the bathroom first. Ha ha! After I shower, brush my teeth, and wash my face, I have to use my vanity in the bedroom to finish getting ready. It would be great to have the space for both of us to get ready at the same time. Now, I am sure there are apartments in New York where this is possible, but I have been in some great condos in NYC and not even these beautiful condos have a his and her sink! If we had a house, this would be much easier to find. A his and her sink with room for both of us to get ready at the same time is a must!

2. Large Deck

I am fortunate enough to have a backyard in my New York apartment, but what I don’t have is a gorgeous deck (I wouldn't complain about a pool or hot tub either)! Right now, I have patio furniture on cracked and uneven pavement with weeds sticking out from the ground. We even had to hide the pavement underneath a rug. It would be wonderful to have a large deck where I could be outdoors more frequently and entertain guests out there. If you are considering getting a deck for your home, check out Brazilian Wood Depot and their composite deck boards. This hardwood is three times harder than oak, and resistant to rot, decay, insects, fire, and mold. The lumber is also 100% natural with no added chemicals that are harmful to the environment. If you want a beautiful deck for your home and also want to support a sustainable brand, Brazilian Wood Depot is the deck company for you!

Photos courtesy of Brazilian Wood Depot

3. Walk-in Closet.

I have a lot of clothes….and my boyfriend does too. He uses the large closet in the living room and has a dresser in the bedroom. I use the smaller closet and also have an additional wardrobe. We have to walk into different rooms other than our bedroom to get our clothes! I even know people who live in NYC who rent a storage unit so they can swap out their wardrobe seasonally. I guess that it is normal if you live in a city. If you had a spacious home, you wouldn't need to do that. Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet in the Sex and the City movie? That is what I would love to have, but in the city you will need to buy a penthouse apartment. Growing up, my parents had a large walk-in closet in our California home that was about the size of my current bedroom (maybe bigger). The wardrobe possibilities would be endless with a closet like that!

When I go visit my family back home and I see all of these luxuries, it makes me miss what I am not able to have living in the city. I recently saw my Dad on the West Coast and was shocked to see how much space I could get with the rent I am paying now! Although it would be nice to have more space, for now, it is city life for me. My career, friends and whole life are here in Brooklyn. I live in a great two bedroom apartment with a music studio and a yard. My wonderful boyfriend and adorable cat are the perfect roommates. NYC is home. But who knows, maybe one day I will own a penthouse or house. And if I ever have one, it will definitely have these three things.

What is on your house hunting wish list? I would love to know!



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