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Feel Your Best With Saratonin Haircare

Saratonin Haircare is a plant-based, 100% cruelty-free, and gender-neutral haircare collection founded by Sara Viklund. With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Sara knows hair!

Born and raised in Sweden, Sara began training in her home country and is licensed in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Having worked across the globe, Viklund gained expertise in every texture, color, and style of hair.

Now living and working in Manhattan, Sara was inspired by NYC’s energy and fluidity and realized there was something missing in the haicare industry. Most hair products are gender specific, overly saturated with chemicals, and only work on a certain texture of hair.

When talking with Sara she said, “Many times people with influence or celebrities decide to own their own beauty or hair lines, but they don’t even know much about it or the ingredients they put in their jars!"Equipped with extensive training, numerous testimonials, and a sensational natural chemist team, Sara founded Saratonin.

Saratonin is all about feeling good! Its mission is to provide clients and stylists with products that embrace, instead of limit, one’s natural hair texture. With a commitment to excellence, the entire line is made in the United States using plant-based ingredients infused with organic essential oils. Saratonin is a unique blend of nature, innovation, and performance.

Before I used Saratonin, I would buy expensive brands such as Kevin Murphy or Living Proof. While I liked some of their products, my hair would often become greasy quickly. After using Saratonin, I immediately noticed my hair was fuller and softer, and I have not had greasy hair since!

To learn more about Saratonin, visit their website at their Instagram at @saratoninhaircare.



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