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Built For The Stage: Broadway's Best Fitness App!

Actors are Athletes. When an actor books a gig, they are being pushed physically 24/7. We act, sing, and dance all at the same time, so being in great shape is a must! Luckily, there is Built For The Stage, a personalized fitness app created by Joe Rosko.

For just $48 a month, you receive 6 weighted and unweighted workouts a week, demo videos on how to properly execute each workout, the ability to communicate with your coach for any questions over video and messaging, and feedback from your coach over the app. That is an amazing deal!

Built For The Stage also has a Podcast and IG where many successful Broadway actors discuss life in the industry. What better way to workout than to stay connected with your community?

After a few months into the pandemic, my jeans were barely fitting. When my manager asked everyone for updated sizes, I knew I needed a change. I am happy to report that I can successfully fit into my jeans again. Thank you, Built For The Stage, for helping me with my fitness #goals!

If you want to be ready for when theatre opens back up, or you just want to feel good for the summer, consider Built For The Stage! Not sure if you want to commit yet? Click HERE to sign up for their Free Trial, or take a look at the 1$ Special.



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