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BLANCHE by Alekandra Martin

As a first-time producer, Alekandra Martin’s BLANCHE is inspired by one of the most significant plays of the past and reimagined in the mad absurdity of our present. The short features one character, Blanche, inspired by Tennessee Williams’ character in A Streetcar Named Desire of the same name. In this world, however, the similarly flighty, hysterical, and feverishly vivacious woman suffers from a similar mental anguish. She shares many of the same insecurities and traumas but reimagined in 2020. This five-minute short aims to demonstrate a night of partying as Blanche plays host.

The lighting, sound, direction, and editing will all be crucial to impart the feeling of the party onto the audience, especially with the only person we see being Blanche. The short will feel continuous, like the play it is inspired by. The goal of the short is to explore themes of mental illness, loneliness, insecurity, and self-doubt. The writer and producer, Alekandra Martin, who also plays the titular character believes the content is extremely valuable at this present moment and connecting it to a play of the past demonstrates how issues of mental illness and injustices against women have persisted throughout history.

BLANCHE is still looking for additional funding now that the film has entering post-production to compensate the sound producer, composer, editor and colorist, and eventually to cover festival fees! Alekandra has set up several incentives, such as access to the exclusive, extended trailer with any contribution amount, the script & extended trailer with a contribution of $100 or more, and an Executive Producer credit on IMDb with a contribution of $500 or more.

Please consider donating to their Go Fund Me campaign!



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