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Ambassador Studios: Jersey's Newest Production Studio

Only a few train stops away from Manhattan, Ambassador Studios is here for all your filming and content creating needs. I asked producers, Chris Kindred and Ruth Saro, a few questions about all of their recent achievements.

Photograph by @likewxter

1. You have a brand new production studio! Congrats! What makes this studio different from other studios, and what are some of the services that you offer there?

We want to help artists live their dreams! If you've got the will, we've got the way. Whether it's creating content for social media, a full length feature, or helping you learn how to stream live video game play, Ambassador Studios can help you achieve those dreams and everything else in between. Some of the awesome services we provide are access to multiple sets, an infinity wall for photography and videography, including multiple background options, professional editing services, photography and videography services, website and app development, and live event production.

We also have a "Bar Set" that has two 8 foot long bars that can be arranged in multiple ways based on the need, multiple locations that can be used for live streaming or vlog style shoots, such as the "Interview Room" which has multiple couches and chairs suitable for filming, and we have a small conference room with video chat capabilities as well as a small Gaming lounge that can be used for gaming content production.

2. Although you still produce live and virtual events, why did you decide to focus less on event production and more on media production?

Media production is our first and foremost love. The endless opportunities to see the creativity that exists and the ability to help nurture and create a product to entertain are what brought our focus towards media. While we've been focusing on building our Media Division and our Studio space, we've also made huge strides in our in house Digital capabilities and our Virtual Production and Broadcast capabilities from our new Studio space....So it's all really one big evolving project that serves the larger goal, which is to have three successful divisions of the company, and reducing risk by diversifying between those divisions so that we aren't as vulnerable to the current Event space market fluctuations.

3. Ambassador Studios is big on supporting local. This is such a great thing since many local and small businesses are struggling. How are some ways you trying to help?

We started focussing on the New Jersey Brew scene for our in house Produced Youtube series, In Hops We Trust. Season 1 was produced and promoted at our own cost. Most small owned breweries are so busy with daily operations that they do not get the same opportunities to promote their products. In Hops We Trust gets out there to small craft businesses to film and create content to help promote and build up their brand.

We work with a lot of local talent in NJ and NY, including most of our Camera/Videographer/Director and many of our Executive Producers, Producers, Music Team, Creative Teams, Social Media Teams are also based out of the NY/NJ area. We also work with our Teams in California, Tennessee/Carolinas, Minnesota and India because we can get our local team together to help service quick turn around projects on a local level.

4. What is your web series "In Hops We Trust" about, how did you come up with the concept for the show, and where can we watch the series?

The crew at Ambassador Studios are huge craft beer lovers, and we wanted to find a way to bring Ambassador Studios into the craft world. We started with the idea of brewery tours in NJ, but after mulling around the idea of becoming a tourism company, we decided to take a different route. We decided a full length documentary about NJ craft beer would quench our thirst. This idea was followed up with many discussions and led us to the begin filming, In Hops We Trust. The more we dove into it, the more our minds started to change again about what this project could be and how large of an audience we could actually reach.

Inevitably, we settled on a web series that was easily accessible to everyone on YouTube and maybe one day on a larger network or streaming service. You can catch In Hops We Trust on Youtube and see small clips and photos from our shoots on our Instagram page as well.

5. Do you have any memorable stories during filming In Hops?

One of the funniest stories, that has happened while filming has to do with the host, Ralph. Tennessee Brew Works was so generous with the amount of beer that Ralph got to sample. He got to sample about 12 beers of varying bodies and ABV. To just watch the alcohol beat him as he attempted to lift his head and look at the camera, made my day. But to top that off, our 10 minute ride home doubled because of 2 stops that we made on the way.

6. Are there any exciting projects coming up in the future that you can tell us about?

Ruth's spinoff, Beer'd Broads will be back soon with a new format. We will be filming in the studio bar set and will be bringing in women from all different industries. During each episode, we will talk about and taste a different style of beer and get educated on the industry of that week's guest.

We are also super excited for Beer Gaming League (BGL),. Not only will it feature video game inspired drinking games, but also card games and multiplayer in person games. This includes Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and more. In addition, there are several other in house projects that include some live streaming DJ shows as well as a Live Streaming Variety Show filmed from the studio that will launch later in the summer and early fall respectively. In addition, In Hops We Trust Season 2 will launch later in the summer, and Season 3 will launch late Fall of 2021.

7.If someone is interested in using the studio, how can they reach out?

For now they can contact for bookings. Coming soon bookings through virtual calendar on Ambassador Studios Website as well as a new App we are launching that will allow users to book the studio and purchase packages that are helpful for Social Media Content Creators or bands, etc.

Thank you, Ruth and Chris! Please follow Ambassador Studios on their social channels and watch"In Hops We Trust". Cheers!

Ambassador Studios IG: @ambassadorstudios

Ambassador Studios Website:

In Hops We Trust IG: @inhopswetrustfilm

In Hops We Trust Website:

Beer-d Broads IG: @beerdbroads



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